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Cast Your Line on a Cape Cod Deep Sea Fishing Trip

Hop aboard for a half-, full- or multi-day fishing trip with local favorite, Helen H Deep Sea Fishing Charters. From fluke, pollock and cod to sea bass, swordfish and bluefin tuna, fishing enthusiasts love the thrill of angling in the cold, clear waters off Cape Cod. Families can enjoy a day on calm inshore waters, while more experienced anglers can test their mettle with a challenging deep-sea excursion. You'll sail with an experienced crew, soak up the sprawling beauty of the Atlantic and find plentiful waters teeming with great sporting opportunities. Along the way, you'll meet up with migrating whales, enjoy some of the planet's best deep-sea fishing, and come home bearing unforgettable fish tales.


Prices -

Single- and multiple-day deep sea fishingtrips range between $170-$480 per person, depending on tour choice. Local fishing trips are $28-$55 per person, depending on age and tour choice. Rod rentals range from $4-$40 each, depending on type.

Hours -

Officeopen daily from 9am-5pm. Tours times vary, see the schedule for details.


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  • What type of fish are in Cape Cod?

    From inshore fish and deep-sea fish to lobsters and bottom fish, you'll find endless species living in the Atlantic Ocean waters off Cape Cod. Inshore tours will angle for fluke, pollock, sea bass, and scup while deep sea charters will look for cod, halibut, bluefin and yellowfin tuna. Before you cast your line, check the latest fishing report to see what's biting.
  • What are the fishing regulations in Cape Cod?

    There are several regulations to keep in mind while fishing in Cape Cod. Minimum size for cod caught at Georges’ Bank is 22” long, 2 hooks per angler and no sale of recreational-caught fish. Minimum size for haddock is 19” long and for Pollack is 19” long. Minimum size for fluke is 16.5″ long, with a five (5) fish maximum. Porgy fish must be caught only in the spring season, be at least 13.5″ long and with a 45 fish maximum.

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